WCA Airsoft Team

Wolf Corporation Airsoft Team:

Wolf Corps Airsoft is an official affiliate of C.J.'s Foods. We at C.J.'s Food believe that people should get out more and be more active in what they do. So when we get a sports team who is willing to work with us to promote health and well-being this really helps us to extend our community beyond what it already is.

Wolf Corps Airsoft is a rather new team that was put together back in the beginning of 2011. Since then they have been working hard to expand their community. They are always looking for new members who would like to join. WCA Airsoft is great for not only having a great ranking system, but also for the great content that they post such as contests and events. Their is always something new going on. Also find them on Facebook where they continue to expand their fan-base.

Basic Information and Links:

Based out of Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Blogger: http://wcairsoft.blogspot.ca/
Official Website: http://www.wolfcorps.com/
Forums: Click here
Facebook Fanpage: Click here
Facebook Group: Click here
/Sign-up Page:  Click here

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding WCA Airsoft via email at airsoft@wolfcorps.com. Thanks. - =WCA= Administration.

Like we said, WCA Airsoft is always looking for new members who are willing to join, so come check us out and like us on Facebook for more Airsoft content.

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